Annual Board of Director's Election Process and Procedure

The Spectrum Board of Directors is an elected body that governs the school.  Minnesota State Statute 124E.07, Subd. 3 states, "(a) The charter school board of directors shall be composed of at least five nonrelated members and include:  (1) at least one licensed teacher who is employed as a teacher at the school or providing instruction under contract between the charter school and a cooperative; (2) at least one parent or legal guardian of a student enrolled in the charter school who is not an employee of the charter school; and (3) at least one interested community member who resides in Minnesota and is not employed by the charter school and does not have a child enrolled in the school."

In compliance with state statute, as well as the school's Bylaws, Spectrum conducts an annual election of members to its Board of Directors via a detailed and thorough process.  For additional information, see Spectrum's election process.

PLEASE CONSIDER SERVING!  The Spectrum Board of Directors encourages everyone to consider serving on the Board of Directors.  Please contact the Board Chair (please seen the Current Board Member's page for contact information) for more information.