Bell Schedules

We currently utilize four “regular” bell schedules. The underlined text is standardized terminology moving forward. 

  • The 8 Period Day (Delayed Start), which is an eight period day from 8:25-2:25. Periods 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 will be 35 Minutes in length and Period 4 will be 61 minutes in length to accommodate 4 lunch sections. 
  • The Block Day, which is a four period day from 7:25-2:25 with a 30 Minute Sting Time from 12:24-12:54, Block Day A is periods 1-4 and Block Day B is periods 5-8. 
  • The Full 8-Period Day. 
  • The Modified 4 Period Day, which is a four period day from 7:25-1:15 with Early Release or Assembly from 1:15-2:25. 

Standard Bell Schedules

The District calendar indicates the type of daily schedule. Here is the list of the Standard Bell Schedules. 

8 Period Day (Delayed Start) 


Full 8 

Delayed 4 Period

Modified 4 Period

Monday, August 28 - First Day of School Bell Schedule


spectrum high school 2021-22 Bell Schedules