Parent Volunteer Information

Spectrum Welcomes Volunteers!

The success of Spectrum is in large part due to the direct involvement of our families.  Research also indicates that students' success in school is often tied to the academic support and involvement of their parents/guardians.  Spectrum welcomes your involvement at school.  In fact, we encourage our families to volunteer around twenty hours per school year.  Through the generous and helpful spirits of our families, pitching in and lending a hand in a wide variety of areas, Spectrum has been able to accomplish great things over the years and our students have reached tremendous heights.  No task is too small and all help is greatly appreciated!

Getting Started?

Spectrum has a person on staff to connect our parents/guardians with the needs of the school.  Janice Dammeier, our Volunteer Coordinator, can be found at the high school building.  She can be contacted at (763) 450-9850.

At Spectrum, we utilize an electronic database system called HelpCounter for our volunteers to sign up and track their volunteer hours from any computer.  It records volunteer hours directly to the family's file.  Links to the login pages can be found by clicking on the dropdown "HelpCounter" tab under "Parent Volunteer Information".

Getting set up is quick and easy!  Watch for a welcome email from our Volunteer Coordinator with a link to create a User Name and Password.  Remember to check spam folders in case the message gets caught in the filter.

What if I'm not able to volunteer?  Are there other ways I can contribute?

Spectrum understands that parents' lives can get very busy between work, home, family, and other responsibilities.  As a result, they are not always able to volunteer at school as much as they would like.  If this is the case and parents would still like to support their child's education and the school in other ways, they are welcome to donate *financially (gift cards or currency preferred).  These funds are typically used to free up moneys in the classroom.  No amount is too little and all contributions are greatly appreciated. To donate, go to Campus Portal and choose FEES/OPTIONAL/VOLUNTEER DONATIONS.

*According to the nonProfit TImes (April 14, 2015), the value of volunteering is approximately $23/hr.  These are funds saved by the school that are able to be allocated to other educational needs.

We look forward to working with you!