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For staff email listings, please refer to the Staff Directory spreadsheet found inside of your Infinite Campus portal. 

Staff Directory

Photo of Katie Aase

Katie Aase

American Sign Language Teacher

Photo of Allison Bailey

Allison Bailey

MS Mathematics Teacher

Photo of Nicole Beehler

Nicole Beehler

Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Cole Bieber

Cole Bieber

IT Specialist

Photo of Mary Blaisdell

Mary Blaisdell

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Deana Bondy

Deana Bondy

Athletic Administrative Assistant

Photo of Hank Brady

Hank Brady

MS Science Teacher

Photo of Corey Brooks

Corey Brooks

Special Education Teacher

Photo of Bridget Brower

Bridget Brower

Phy Ed & Health Teacher

Photo of Tony Brunt

Tony Brunt

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Sara Burfeind

Sara Burfeind

Health & Attendance Clerk

Photo of Mary Chaffin

Mary Chaffin

Business Accounts Specialist

Photo of Rachel Chrest

Rachel Chrest

Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Jennifer Conard

Jennifer Conard

MS Phy Ed Teacher

Photo of Janice Dammeier

Janice Dammeier

Volunteer Coordinator/Receptionist

Photo of Mitchell De Haan

Mitchell De Haan

Social Studies & College/Career Readiness Teacher

Photo of Dan DeBruyn

Dan DeBruyn


Photo of Kalvin Diekman

Kalvin Diekman

Academic Study Hall Advisor

Photo of Marie Dillon

Marie Dillon

Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Cathy Durkot

Cathy Durkot

Admin./State Reporting Coor.

Photo of Joyce Emmel

Joyce Emmel

Health & Attendance Clerk

Photo of Kaitlyn Erdmann

Kaitlyn Erdmann

Activities Coordinator

Photo of Faith Faatz

Faith Faatz

Phy Ed & Health Teacher

Photo of Jessica Favre

Jessica Favre

Visual Arts Teacher

Photo of Scott Gangl

Scott Gangl

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Abby Genise

Abby Genise

Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Clinton Haley

Clinton Haley

Media Technician

Photo of Jennifer Hamernick

Jennifer Hamernick

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Renae Harvell

Renae Harvell

Math Teacher

Photo of Jessica Hegseth

Jessica Hegseth

Academic Instructional Coach

Photo of Greg Heinecke
Photo of Ann Hewitt

Ann Hewitt

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Cory Hund

Cory Hund

Instructional Support

Photo of Christopher Hyde

Christopher Hyde

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Deb Hyk

Deb Hyk

Language Arts MS & Special Ed

Photo of Jenna Jeffers

Jenna Jeffers

Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Jacob Johnson

Jacob Johnson

Technology Teacher

Photo of Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson

Custodian/Maintenance Technician

Photo of Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson

Coordinator of Curriculum and Instruction

Photo of Julie Johnson

Julie Johnson

Technology Integration Specialist

Photo of Katherine Johnson

Katherine Johnson

Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson

Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Patricia Jorris

Patricia Jorris

Office Manager

Photo of Alex Julkowski

Alex Julkowski

Social Studies Teacher

Photo of Stephanie Kobes

Stephanie Kobes

HS School Counselor

Photo of Mark Leland

Mark Leland

High School Principal

Photo of Erin Lemmermann

Erin Lemmermann

Lunch Services Coordinator - Grade 6

Photo of Abby Lerom

Abby Lerom

Math Teacher

Photo of Jess Lingbeek

Jess Lingbeek

Lead Health & Attendance Clerk

Photo of Jennifer Linn

Jennifer Linn

Executive Administrative Assistant

Photo of Amanda Mackereth

Amanda Mackereth

Computer Technology Teacher

Photo of Donna Maki

Donna Maki

Instructional Support

Photo of Bruce Mattson

Bruce Mattson

MS Mathematics

Photo of Patricia Mattson

Patricia Mattson

Science Teacher

Photo of Jean McGorry

Jean McGorry

Technology & Band Teacher

Photo of Billi Jo Mehrer

Billi Jo Mehrer

College & Career CenterCoordinator

Photo of Nancy Moe

Nancy Moe

Special Ed Teacher

Photo of Autumn Mollet

Autumn Mollet

Science Teacher

Photo of Angela Nelson

Angela Nelson

Science Teacher

Photo of Sandy Norlin

Sandy Norlin

Para/504 Coordinator

Photo of Andrew Nyquist

Andrew Nyquist

Math Teacher

Photo of Samantha Pallin (Grace)

Samantha Pallin (Grace)

Instrumental Music Teacher

Photo of Kristin Palmieri

Kristin Palmieri

Instructional Support

Photo of Mike Patterson

Mike Patterson

MS Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Chloe Peiffer

Chloe Peiffer

Vocal Music Teacher

Photo of Sara Peloquin

Sara Peloquin

Science Teacher

Photo of Alexis Peterson

Alexis Peterson

School Counselor & DAC

Photo of Rick Peterson

Rick Peterson

Director of Activities and Facilities

Photo of Laura Presley

Laura Presley

Visual Arts Teacher

Photo of Sheila Rathman

Sheila Rathman

Lunch Coordinator Grade 7/8

Photo of Krista Rinowski

Krista Rinowski

Lunch Services

Photo of Daniel Roddin

Daniel Roddin

Math Teacher

Photo of Jeff Rupert

Jeff Rupert

Network Administrator

Photo of Jennifer Russell

Jennifer Russell

Lunch Services

Photo of Jason Ruzek

Jason Ruzek

Science Teacher

Photo of Christy Siegel

Christy Siegel


Photo of Darrell Skog

Darrell Skog

Dean of Students, Transportation

Photo of Mark Slechta

Mark Slechta

Physical Education & Special Education

Photo of Lynn Sommerstad

Lynn Sommerstad

Middle School Dean of Students & Online Program Coordinator

Photo of David Steinhauser

David Steinhauser

Building Manager

Photo of Emily Stielow

Emily Stielow

Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Sharla Sundberg

Sharla Sundberg

Instructional Support

Photo of Tom Terhaar

Tom Terhaar


Photo of Violet Toven

Violet Toven

Spanish Teacher

Photo of Heather Trieu

Heather Trieu

School Counselor

Photo of David Turner

David Turner

EMT/Safety Coordinator/Academic Support

Photo of Kathy Tyler

Kathy Tyler

Language Arts Teacher

Photo of Samantha Wiggins

Samantha Wiggins

Special Education

Photo of Nicole Woken

Nicole Woken

Special Education Coordinator