Community Service Lettering

Students at Spectrum who go above and beyond the expectations of the Community Service Program also have an opportunity to letter in the area of Community Outreach. Students who take the initiative to reach out to individuals in need through partnerships with organizations in our community not only gain personal perspective as to how philanthropic actions can have positive results, they are officially acknowledged for their efforts and intentions.

Community Service Letter achievement requires the completion of three components.

Component #1: 120 hours of community outreach (off-campus)

  1. Students must engage in community outreach activities in connection with individuals and/or organizations other than family members.

  2. Students must not receive compensation of any kind for outreach completed.

  3. Students must document and verify all outreach hours completed on the Community Outreach Lettering Hours Log.

  4. Students must complete all outreach hours between April 15th of the prior academic year and April 14th of the current academic year.

Note: Hours required for National Junior Honor Society and National Honor Society may not be counted towards lettering requirements.

Component  #2: Two Letters of Recommendation

  1. Students must obtain two letters of recommendation from community organizations or individuals served. 

  2. The letter must describe the outreach activities as well as the student’s attitude and competence.

Component #3: Reflective Representation

  1. Students must create a reflective representation of their outreach experience.

  2. The reflective representation can be an essay, media presentation (PPT, movie, etc.), or other type of creative expression (student must present their idea to the Community Service Coordinator before beginning).

  3. Students must submit at least one photo of themselves engaged in the community outreach activity.

Note: All required elements must be completed and submitted to the Community Service Coordinator by April 15th.


Jill Johnson, Community Service Coordinator

Office located in Spectrum High School building

Office Hours: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm,  Monday through Friday

(763) 450-9897



Service Learning Course Reflection

Independent Community Service Hours Log

Independent Community Service Hours Reflection

Community Service Lettering Hours Log


Students: Need community service opportunities? 

CLICK HERE for community service opportunities.