Spectrum Community Service Opportunities

Community Outreach Mission

The purpose of Spectrum's Community Service Opportunities is to empower and to unify our communities through service, education, and action.

What counts as Community Service?
  • Spectrum Community Service is intended for you to volunteer your services to someone in need.
  • Raking, shoveling, mowing for a neighbor, childcare at a church, working at a food shelf, etc. counts as Community Outreach.
What does not count as Community Service?
  • Spectrum Community Service oppotunities is not an activity in which you receive compensation or pay.

Please explore below for a selection of current opportunities to serve our community!


Guardian Angels Opportunity


ER Senior Living

September 12, 2018

Hello, my name is Darlene Anderson and I’m the Life Enrichment Director at Elk River Senior Living. Elk River Senior Living opened this summer and we are excited to be part of the community.

We have residents moving in and we’re becoming more and more active.  I’m writing to let you know we may be able to help some students if they need Volunteer Service Credits.

Some of the ideas would be to have students assist with activities such as Ice Cream Socials, table Games, walks outside, read to a senior, maybe some can play an instrument or sing.

Students that are interested in volunteering are welcome to contact us, whether they need credits or not

Thank you,

Darlene Anderson
Life Enrichment Director


Fairview Volunteering


Volunteer Opportunities