C@SH College Classes

Concurrent Enrollment

College at Spectrum High [C@SH] classes are offered in partnership with post-secondary institutions.  Participating students are concurrently enrolled at Spectrum High School and the post-secondary school.  Successful completion of C@SH courses earns both high school and college credit.

C@SH courses are taught on campus at Spectrum High School by credentialed high school teachers working in partnership with the post-secondary institution.  

C@SH courses are tuition free.

College at Spectrum High [C@SH] Benefits

Spectrum High School students who participate in C@SH Classes…

  • simultaneously earn high school and college credit
  • receive support of SHS teachers and staff
  • demonstrate the ability to handle rigorous instruction
  • gain a head start on college
  • save on tuition and transportation costs
  • remain engaged in SHS events and activities

College at Spectrum High [C@SH] Participation

Students may participate in C@SH courses if they meet eligibility requirements listed by the partner colleges found here


Students thinking about participation in College at Spectrum High [C@SH] courses, should consider these factors.

  • Level of academic rigor
  • Motivation and level of interest in course subject
  • Overall workload and life balance
  • Level of maturity required
  • Impact to transcript - grades will become part of high school and college transcript.

Accuplacer Testing

Postsecondary institutions use Accuplacer test results to determine the appropriate course placement to promote student success in college.  Students enrolling in C@SH courses will need to meet the minimum score required by the postsecondary institution on either the reading or math Accuplacer assessment.

Additional Accuplacer Resources:

College Board Accuplacer

Anoka-Ramsey Community College: Accuplacer

MN Transfer Curriculum

Spectrum High School offers concurrent enrollment courses which allow students to complete the entire MN Transfer Curriculum on campus at SHS.

What is the MN Transfer Curriculum?

The MN Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) is a defined general education curriculum in ten goal areas totaling 40 college credits.  Students who complete the MnTC defined by one Minnesota institution with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 are able to transfer the credits as a “package” to any other Minnesota State College or University (MnSCU), the University of Minnesota, and some private schools.

What is the advantage of completing the MN Transfer Curriculum?

Completion of the entire MnTC package ensures students receive transfer credits for all courses in the package when transferring to MnSCU schools, the University of Minnesota and some private colleges.  However, if the entire MnTC package is not completed, courses may be evaluated on a course-by-course basis for transfer credit.

MnTC Infographic

AA Degree

Students may work toward their AA Degree while attending Spectrum High School.  The Associate of Arts (AA) Degree is intended to be equivalent to the first two years of a four year baccalaureate program.  

Completion of the AA Degree requires completion of the MN Transfer Curriculum (40 credits), plus 20 credits of additional requirements for a total 60 credits.  

AA Degree Infographic

Transferring Credits

Students will want to explore their college credit transfer options as they consider potential colleges. Students should check with the potential college to determine how accumulated credits will transfer.

Transferology - Transferology is an online resource students can use to answer the question, “Will my courses transfer?”  Use the C@SH Class College and Course List below to identify the postsecondary partner school and course ID.

Spectrum High School students who earn college credit in C@SH courses will need to request a transcript(s) from the partner postsecondary institution(s) in order to transfer credits upon admittance to their college of choice.

C@SH Class College and Course List

Academic Preparation and Planning

  • Students must qualify for the opportunity to take C@SH courses by their academic performance.
  • Put forth best efforts in classes every year.
  • Check in with Guidance to ensure high school graduation requirements are fulfilled.




Complete Phy Ed and Art classes. Take AP Human Geography.

Possibly begin foreign language requirement.


Complete Phy Ed, Health, and Art requirements.Take AP course and/or C@SH course.

Begin or continue foreign language.

Fall - Take Accuplacer assessment.

Spring - Decide if you plan to pursue completion of MN Transfer Curriculum/AA Degree.


Complete foreign language requirement.Be aware some C@SH courses are only offered in odd or even years when planning courses.


Research potential majors.Plan to take courses that will improve college admission chances into program of choice.

Planning ahead is key to maximizing the benefits of participating in C@SH courses.  Students who want to complete the MN Transfer Curriculum or an AA Degree should develop a four-year plan with assistance from Guidance.