Spectrum's School Counseling Department Vision & Mission

Vision Statement:

The Vision of the Spectrum High School Counseling Department is to support student success through collaborative efforts with parents, teachers, and administration.  The School Counseling Department staff will cultivate a welcoming atmosphere for students, parents, and teachers, promoting and contributing to the development of a positive school climate.

Mission Statement:

Spectrum High School Counseling Department’s focus is the academic, career, social, and emotional development of all students; working directly for the benefit of students and serving as a resource for parents.  Our goal is to maximize all students’ opportunities to acquire the skills to achieve their life-long goals.

School Counseling Staff

Mrs. Stephanie Kobes, Freshmen and Sophomores; 763.450.9022

Mrs. Heather Trieu, Juniors and Seniors; 763-450-9853


Mrs. Stephanie Kobes

Mrs. Heather Trieu