Principal's Blog: 5/5/23


I was recently challenged with a potential personal circumstance that could have resulted in a major change in my and my immediate family member’s lives. Long story short, nothing really came of it and things are back to normal, at least for now. But, through this recent experience, I thought of something that I want to share with everyone. This particular situation I was challenged with involved my parents. Both of them are now in their 80’s and realistically maybe have 10-12 years left to live. My intention is not to be negative or morbid in sharing that thought with you, but again, to be realistic! As I was pondering this, I estimated that I see my parents somewhere around 6-8 times a year. This means that I will likely only see my parents 60-80 more times in my life. Initially, this hit me somewhat hard, of course. I guess I share this to provide some perspective on how little time we have with others. I think you can probably figure out the rest without me writing anything else this week. 
















Our desire is for each of our students to remain for their entire middle and high school experience at Spectrum to fully benefit from the top-notch college preparatory education offered. We recognize that there are times when that is not possible. If attendance plans for your student have changed and they will not be returning to Spectrum for the 2022-2023 school year, please click this Spectrum Withdrawal Form Link to fill out and submit your student’s official withdrawal to our Registrar, Christy Siegel, at so that we can forward their records to their next school. If your child will not be returning to Spectrum, we sincerely wish them the best with their education.

Weeks At A Glance:

  • Monday, May 8th: 
    • No School - Professional Development
    • Scholarship Ceremony @ 7:15 am
    • Ap Computer Science Principles exam @ 12 pm
  • Tuesday, May 9th: National Decision Day Senior Celebration (3rd period - Sting Time)
  • Wednesday, May 10th: AP Biology exam @ 12 pm
  • Monday, May 15th: Delayed Start - C@SH day
  • Friday, May 19th: NHS/NJHS Induction Ceremony @ 5:30 pm & Choir Concert @ 7 pm