Principal's Blog: 4/21/23


When students think of Spring, they think about how the school year is winding down.  These thoughts can lead to “the spring slide”.  In an effort to avoid this, here are some things to remember and remind yourself (students), or your student(s) (parents) of as we get closer to the end of the year:

  • staying diligent about your/their study habits;
  • ensuring the completion of all homework assignments; and
  • continuing to put forth the maximum amount of effort necessary to reach academic goals.

Finally, if you’re needing to connect with any staff members here at Spectrum, I encourage you to reach out.  We are here to help and support your student(s).  You can find our contact information in our staff directory located here.


I wanted to take a quick moment and share some important programming updates for Spectrum High School as we look forward to the 2023-2024 school year.

First on our list is the transition year that will be in effect for our Senior Capstone course.​ Due to the need for additional support and time to provide our seniors the greatest opportunity to learn, grow, and succeed while completing the Senior Capstone course, a proposal will be made to the School Board by December of 2023 to increase the credit requirement for Senior Capstone from a half credit (half year) to a full credit (full year). In preparation for this potential change, ​the Class of 2024​ (current juniors​)​ will be provided the option during their senior year (2023-2024) to complete the ​Senior Capstone requirements either in the traditional one semester course or in a full year Senior Capstone course. The additional 1/2 credit for the 2023-2024 school year will count toward elective credit.​ Parents/guardians are encouraged to speak with their student(s) about this opportunity.

​If the School Board ultimately approves the requirement, the class of 2025 and beyond would​ be required to complete their Senior Capstone requirements within the full year Senior Capstone course (1 credit). Should the ​School Board make this decision, further information will be provided for students and families next ​school ​year.

Additionally, our course registration numbers in February revealed some interesting results. As you’re likely aware, during the current school year, Spectrum offered a few of our C@SH courses ​fully online. This offer was again extended to our students within our registration process for the 2023-2024 school year. The results do not warrant continuing to offer any of these courses ​online next year.

Finally, while Spectrum believes an ACT prep course would be very beneficial to our students, registration results for next year do not indicate great interest. As a result, the course will not proceed as planned for next year. Spectrum will continue working toward creative ways to incorporate ACT preparation opportunities for our students.

Weeks At A Glance:

  • Monday, April 24th: Delayed Start - C@SH day
  • Wednesday, April 26th: Athletic Eligibility Suspensions / PERKS report pulled
  • Saturday, April 29th: Prom
  • Thursday, May 4th: AP Human Geography Test
  • Friday, May 5th: Fine Arts Band Concert @ 7 pm