Principal's Blog: 3/3/23


It’s the time of year in which our bodies and our minds are craving/needing more sunlight and warmer weather.  As those resources are on the horizon now that it’s March, as a seasoned Minnesotan, I know that the cold and darkness can also drag on making winter feel like it will never end.  My purpose in bringing this up today is to encourage a “check-in” with those around you.  Reach out and talk with your children, friends, and family members about the status of their current self-esteem, self-image, and self-concept.   

If you find that you are in need of further support, please do not hesitate to reach out to our counseling department, who can help with locating additional resources for your individual family needs.  Although I don’t necessarily believe in the saying,  “we’re all in the same boat”.  I do believe that “we are all in the same ocean”, and we all have an obligation to do whatever we can to support one another.  Please feel free to access some helpful information HERE on our website as well.


We are in the middle of our spring parent/teacher conferences with our first session being held last night (Thursday, March 2nd).  Next Tuesday, March 7th will be our final parent/teacher conference session of the 2022-23 school year.  As a reminder, there is a virtual conference option for families as well as an in-person option.  Virtual conferences will be held from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm on Tuesday.  Virtual conference slots are limited, so, as the window is currently open, you are encouraged to be responsive and sign up ASAP.  In-person conferences will be conducted in an open house style format and will be held in the high school gymnasium.  In-person conferences will run from 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm.

Click HERE to access the MyConferenceTime application to sign up for a virtual conference session.

I will add that we appreciate communication from our families.  If you reach out to any of our teachers, we will work to make the connection as our goal is to collaborate and partner with our families in an effort to provide the best educational experience possible for your student(s).

Weeks At A Glance:

  • Monday, March 6th: Delayed Start - C@SH day - Mandatory Spring Sports Meeting at 6:30 pm
  • Tuesday, March 7th: ACT administration at 7:30 am - Parent/Teacher conferences at 3:00 - 4:30 pm (virtual) and 5:00 - 6:30 pm (in-person)
  • Friday, March 10th - Sunday, March 12th: SHS Spring Musical Performances
    • Friday: 7 pm
    • Saturday: 2 pm and 7 pm
    • Sunday: 2 pm
  • Monday, March 13th: Delayed 4-period day (school starts at 8:25 pm)
  • Thursday, March 16th: End of 3rd Quarter
  • Friday, March 17th: No School