Principal's Blog: 9/30/22


My 10 year old son, Easton, has Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.  He was diagnosed with ADHD about three years ago after struggling to comply with directions on a regular basis in school. I share this personal information with you not for sympathy for him, or for me as his father; but to highlight the research I found following his diagnosis with his “disability”.  In that research, I was brought to a place of great joy and pride in my son who exhibits many of the strong characteristics outlined below.  What I discovered was that these characteristics are not, by any means, downfalls to having the disorder.  Instead, when harnessed, they are tremendous attributes that will serve him well in his life.  They include being energetic, creative, inventive, spontaneous, and self-driven with a high level of focus. During my discovery, I started to imagine the benefit that each of these characteristics could have on Easton’s life.  It was eye-opening to say the least.

What some perceive as weaknesses, others perceive as strengths.  My mindset prior to digging in was all wrong.  I was worried that my son would be at a disadvantage because of the characteristics associated with ADHD.  The truth was, my perspective was in need of an adjustment.  

I offer this to each of you reading this: How can we twist some of our own perceived negative attributes into positive ones?  At the end of the day, we may find that a diagnosis of even a disability is something to be grateful for.


Parents/Guardians - It is time to check in, not check out!  As the year is off to a great start, my encouragement is for parents to check in on your student, and not to assume that things are going well just because you’ve heard nothing from them in a while.  Here are some questions to help guide the conversation!

Weeks At A Glance:

  • Monday, October 3rd: Delayed Start - C@SH day
  • Athletic Eligibility SUSPENSIONS
  • Monday, October 10th: Delayed Start - C@SH day
  • Wednesday, October 12th: PSAT/NMSQT