Principal's Blog: 9/16/22


One of my favorite quotes reads, “It takes years and years of hard work to become an overnight success”.  There are several different variations of this quote, stated by various people, but the concept never changes.  Recently, I was reading an article about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback, Tom Brady, and was reminded of this quote with one of his responses in the interview.  Brady, who is arguably the most decorated and successful quarterback who has ever played the game of football (aka The GOAT), was asked about his approach to winning.  When responding, he spoke of incremental improvement.  He described that his goal is to improve just a little bit each day.  Each film session, each practice, each visit to the weight room, or each meeting with his nutritionist.  The goal is always to get a little better all the time.  

Improvement for all of us is sometimes difficult to see as we live in a world where instant gratification rules.  However, if we approach our own success with incremental improvement as our goal, we will all become overnight successes eventually!


We are three weeks into the 2022-23 school year already!  As our staff is striving to always support, accountability measures are beginning to show up in the form of grades.  With that, I want to encourage you to please reach out if you need support for your student(s).  Our teachers, counselors, and administrators are willing to brainstorm with you and create a plan to help your child succeed, if needed.  We strive to be communicative, collaborative, and transparent; and we believe that our partnership with our parents matters!

You can help support our efforts here at school, and your student’s academic efforts, by staying connected and monitoring his/her progress via Infinite Campus Parent Portal. Again, if concerns arise, please feel free to contact individual teachers, counselors, or administrators.  

Weeks At A Glance:

  • Monday, September 19th: No School - Professional Development
  • Wednesday, September 21st: Athletic Eligibility WARNINGS
  • Monday, September 26th - Friday, September 30th: Homecoming week (stay tuned for more information coming soon)