Principal's Blog: 12/10/21


Risk-taking!  Think about it…  Most of us can link at least part of our success in our lives and careers back to risk-taking.  A decision we made here or there, that in the end, resulted in something extraordinarily positive happening to us.  Risk-taking is something I encourage amongst our staff members here at SHS.  It’s something many of them have worked hard to incorporate within their practices in the classroom as well.  Challenging students to take risks is certainly a risk in itself, but the benefit of doing so can be life changing for them.  Improved self-esteem, improved social skills, and building a capacity in students to make life choices are a few areas that can be positively impacted.  Additionally, allowing students to experience failures in a safe setting and then working through managing those failures can help build resiliency skills.  

Next time you’re having a conversation with your student(s) about school, please work in an encouraging word to them about branching out and taking some risks in the classroom.  For more information on the topic, please visit the resources below.


Educational Endeavors, “Why It’s Important to Take Risks”

Everfi, “Encouraging Risk Taking in the Classroom”


The holiday season is upon us!  We hope you had the opportunity to spend some time with family and friends during our extended Thanksgiving weekend at the end of November!  The month of December is always a “buzzing” month at Spectrum High School.  We also hope you were able to make it out last Friday night for our Winter Fine Arts Band concert.  I must say that it was great to be back at our first in-person concert in over two years!  A special thank you to Mrs. McGorry and Mrs. Pallin, as well as their band students, for putting on a fantastic show.  Additionally, we hope you can join us this evening for our Winter Fine Arts Choir concert.  Mrs. Bird, Mrs. Sundberg, and the Choir students have been busy preparing for what promises to be a very entertaining evening of music.  Finally, I invite you to come on out and support our winter athletic teams as they work hard to represent SHS with their best efforts.

As always, thank you for the opportunity to work with your student(s).  We are extremely fortunate to have a community of families at our school that we can count on in the journey of education. 


Weeks At A Glance:

Monday, December 13th: C@SH day / Delayed start

Thursday, December 16th: Information and Tour Night @ 6:15 pm

Monday, December 20th: C@SH day / Delayed start

Wednesday, December 22nd: Athletic Eligibility Suspensions

Thursday, December 23rd: Professional Development Day - No School!

Friday, December 24th - Sunday, January 2nd: Winter Break - No School!