On Campus Service Learning

Spectrum Families,

Due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the ability to connect with community organizations and the nature of this school year's scheduling, Spectrum has made the decision to omit our service learning courses from the first semester schedule of the 2021-2022 school year. We will continue evaluate our circumstances in the upcoming months to determine whether or not it is possible to modify or resume our regular service learning program for the 2nd semester.

Community Outreach remains a pillar of our system at Spectrum. As we begin a unique new school year, be assured that service and community connection will be incorporated into our teaching and learning plan in such a way that ensures the health and well being of both our students and community members.


Spectrum Administration


  1. Service Learning takes place on-campus as part of the students’ Service Learning class. Each class in grades 6-9 are connected in some way and work to meet a direct need of a community organization. Students participate in research, connect with the organization directly (field trip or speaker), actively serve the organization, and reflect upon their experience.

  2. Students in grades 6-9 participate in a different service learning opportunity on a quarterly basis. These service learning opportunities expose students to various needs within our community. This is intended to pique students’ interests and passions, ultimately assisting students in choosing an area of community need on which they would like to focus their Senior Capstone experience.

  3. In grade 10 students reflect on their past year’s (in grades 6-9) service learning (on-campus) and community service (off-campus) experiences and begin to determine their senior capstone community service focus area. Coursework in grade 10 facilitates the development of skills and competencies necessary for students to successfully connect, develop, and implement the plan for their senior capstone experience.

  4. In grade 11, student’s service learning experience is transformed into a culminating community service experience. During their junior year students finalize and implement their community service plan for their Senior Capstone experience.

  5. Completion, presentation, and final reflection of the Senior Capstone experience happens in the first semester of grade 12. The Senior Capstone experience serves as the culminating experience and presentation of their service learning (on-campus) and individual commitment to community service (off-campus).

Planning, organizing, and facilitating the Service Learning EXPO during the second semester of grade 12 allows students the opportunity to utilize the knowledge and skills gained through their community service experience and Senior Capstone. Emerging as leaders in the Spectrum community, seniors serve as role models for their peers. By encouraging increased engagement and active involvement in service, they strengthen our students’ capacity to serve others and fulfill this aspect of our mission.

A detailed description of the Senior Capstone can be found in the Senior Capstone Handbook.