Spectrum Families,

Due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the ability to connect with community organizations and the nature of this school year's scheduling, Spectrum has made the decision to omit our service learning courses from the first semester schedule of the 2021-2022 school year. We will continue evaluate our circumstances in the upcoming months to determine whether or not it is possible to modify or resume our regular service learning program for the 2nd semester.

Community Outreach remains a pillar of our system at Spectrum. As we begin a unique new school year, be assured that service and community connection will be incorporated into our teaching and learning plan in such a way that ensures the health and well being of both our students and community members.


Spectrum Administration

Community Outreach

It is the mission of Spectrum’s Community Service Program to empower our students to become leaders in their communities through research, service, and reflection.

Essentially, we are growing leaders at Spectrum.

Whether college or career bound, our program seeks to nurture a sense of empathy for others, and develop the skills necessary for graduates to actively engage in society and lead the way toward positive change and development in the world.

We believe that active service helps our students make connections to the lives of others and empowers them to take the lead in further service action that will benefit our community as a whole.

The program consists of an “on campus” element as well as an “off campus” element.

The “on campus” element includes all coursework and group community service related experiences (field trips, guest speakers, fundraising efforts, etc.) facilitated by Spectrum. These service experiences occur primarily within the regular school day. Here students gain an awareness of the various needs within our community through research and acts of service. We refer to this element as Service Learning. 

The “off campus” element includes community service initiated and completed by the individual student.These service experiences occur primarily outside of the regular school day. The intention for this component is to extend and enrich the “on campus” element of our community service program by encouraging students to reach out to those in need within their personal sphere of influence. We do not stress the quantity of time spent, but rather the quality of the time spent and the impact to both the student and the person/group being served. We refer to this element as Community Service.

Upon completion of both elements, students are offered an opportunity to reflect on their experiences in an effort to share their perspectives and insights gained.

The culmination of both service learning (on-campus) and community service (off-campus) is the Senior Capstone experience. 

Students at Spectrum who go above and beyond the expectations of the Community Service Program also have an opportunity to letter in the area of Community Outreach. Students who take the initiative to reach out to individuals in need through partnerships with organizations in our community not only gain personal perspective as to how philanthropic actions can have positive results, they are officially acknowledged for their efforts and intentions.


Community Outreach Course Offerings & Community Connections

This table reflects the most current course progression, community partners, and curricular focus. These are subject to periodic revision.

Grade Level

Service Learning Courses

(Quarterly Rotations)

Partnering Community Organization

Curricular Focus/Community Need


We Recycle

Sherburne County Soil and Water

Soil and Water Conservation

Bare Necessities

Great River Family Promise Day Center, CAER

Homelessness, Hunger

Animal Rescue Friends

Animal Humane Society,  Ruff Start Rescue

Animal Welfare

Book Worms

Twin Lakes Elementary



Helping Hands for the Elderly

Guardian Angels Senior Center

Elderly Care

Music Matters

American Music Therapy Association

Mental Health

Go Green

Kleiver Park, Great River Processing Center

Environmental Stewardship

We Care

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

Disease Prevention


Bringing Hope

Children’s Grief Connection

Grief and Loss


(Random Acts of Kindness Encouraged)

Salvation Army, Area thrift stores

Building Community

Into the Wild

State Park Board

Mental Health, Physical Fitness

Veteran Support

Sherburne County, Haven for Heroes

Veteran Awareness


Teens Helping Teens




Thumbs Up High 5 & Just One Event

Suicide Awareness

Bee Squad

University of Minnesota Bee Lab

Pollinator Habitat Protection 

A Serving of Sunshine

Gillette Children’s Hospital

Childhood Diseases


Passion Pursuit

No specific community organization

Preparation for Senior Capstone

Community Connections

Honor Speech

Awareness Campaign


Senior Capstone Development and Implementation


Senior Capstone: Presentation and Reflection Paper & “Leaving a Legacy of Leadership”

Community Outreach Celebration Event Planning and Participation

Jill Johnson, Community Service Coordinator

Office located in Spectrum High School building

Office Hours: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm,  Monday through Friday

(763) 450-9897



Service Learning Course Reflection

Independent Community Service Hours Log

Independent Community Service Hours Reflection

Community Service Lettering Hours Log