Schedule Change Request

Schedule Change Policy

Each year we spend many hours organizing the master schedule.  In the event of conflicts, closed classes, or classes not offered, we will use the alternate courses listed on your registration form to adjust your schedule.  We have created a schedule change policy to enable our students and families to understand how to change their student’s schedule.

Schedule Change Request:

When students have requested courses during the registration process, they have contracted to pursue the chosen courses to completion.  Since schedule changes have a serious effect on class size, teacher assignments and the overall master schedule, they need to be minimized.

Dropping a course:

Students may be allowed to drop a course without penalty during the first ten days of each semester and add in a study hall.   After those ten days, any course dropped will result in a grade of “W” (Withdrawal) and this grade will be documented on their official transcript.  In addition, a graduation credit review will occur prior to a course being dropped. 

Adding a course:

Students may add a course during the first three days of each semester.  Reasons for which schedule corrections will generally be made include:

  • A senior who must meet graduation requirements.
  • Teacher, parent, and student request level change.
  • Student’s success or failure in summer school necessitates a change.
  • Student had not met the prerequisites for the course.

Please submit completed Schedule Change Request Forms to the Guidance Office for consideration.

Sting Service and Privileges

Students who are interested in CaSH privileges, Early Release, Late Arrival, Senior Release and/or Sting Service must complete the appropriate application. Please review the qualifications and policies around these privileges and submit the applications to the school counseling office.


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