Health Plans

Medications at School

All medicine must be kept with the health clerk.

1. Prescriptions must be labeled in a pharmacy bottle with a student’s name and the type of medication. Your pharmacist can divide the medication into two bottles (one for home and one for school) at no extra charge.

  •  When prescribed medication is needed to be administered at school “Parent Request for Administration of Medication” form Needs to be completed and turned into the Health Clerk along with the medication in the pharmacy bottle, labeled with the correct dosage and directions. 
  • prescription medications containing narcotics should not be brought to school as they will not be able to be administered by school personnel.

2. Over the counter medications, Spectrum High School does not have a supply of over-the-counter medications, ie.  Tylenol, Ibuprofen.  These types of medications can be given to your child per your instructions, once we have received the "Self-Administration of Non Prescription Pain Medication Authorization”. All over the counter medications must come in its original packaging.

3.Self-Administration of Non-Prescription Pain Medication.When a parent, student and health clerk agree that self-administration of non-prescription medication is appropriate for the student this procedure must be followed.

  • Parents must fill out the “Self-Administration of Non-Prescription Pain Medication” form and give it to the health clerk.
  • Students must carry the medication in its original container with no more than a supply for a 24-hour period and students must not share with other students.

4.Students that self-carry their inhalers for Asthma, must fill out the Self-Administration of INHALER Form and give it to the health clerk. Inhalers must be brought to the school in the original container, with a pharmacy label attached. No Inhalers are allowed on school property without being properly labeled with Students full name.

Immunization Information

According to Minnesota State law, current immunization records must be on file at school before enrollment. Transfer students have 30 days from the first day of their attendance. Immunization schedules are available in the health office.