Spectrum Visual Arts Program Philosophy

It is within human nature to create, and as a result; art is an integral part of education. Art is essential for learning critical thinking, problem solving, independent, and investigative skills alongside specific art making skills. We also believe that it is important for students to gain an understanding and appreciation for the arts as a whole. This includes examining historical and contemporary art processes, styles, and movements. Our program is built on the belief that all students are artists regardless of experience and ability, all students need to learn and create art.

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Minnesota Department of Education Arts Standards Page

English Language Arts

Spectrum High School English Language Arts Program Philosophy

Reading opens doors and is utilized in every subject and in all facets of post-educational life.  

The entire Spectrum community utilizes reading and writing strategies to ensure students are prepared for college and career expectations.  As students master reading and writing skills, they must learn to think, to raise questions, to communicate clearly, to understand themselves and others, to appreciate the art of literature and writing, and to make sense of a diverse and complex world.

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Spectrum Health & Physical Education Program Philosophy

A quality Health and Physical Education Program supports the physical, intellectual, and social-emotional development of students. When students maintain adequate levels of physical fitness and make healthy choices, the conditions and opportunities for learning also increase.  For these reasons, Health and Physical Education plays an integral role in a comprehensive educational program.

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Spectrum Mathematics Program Philosophy

Our philosophy includes the following:

  • Students learn math skills that transfer to real world applications
  • Students learn problem solving skills
  • Students are prepared for life after high school (workforce, post-secondary education)
  • Assessments will be used to determine comprehension and whether relearning is necessary
  • Students will understand that their performance on assessments will help determine their placement in classes and careers that require math
  • Students will come to understand that skills built in math are widely used in many aspects of life

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Spectrum Music Department Philosophy Statement

The Spectrum High School Music Program provides students with a high quality musical education. Students will become lifelong learners and active contributors in their school and community through the study and performance of music. Studentswill gain skills and attributes such as responsibility, leadership, dedication and commitment. In addition, students will become more well-rounded, preparing them for higher education and beyond.

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Physical Education

Spectrum Phsycial Education Program Philosophy Statement

Physical Education, to be meaningful in the lives of our students, should represent a planned development sequence of experience beginning with sixth grade and extending through high school. These Physical experiences should be part of the total educational process of the student, no less or more important than any other academic subject.

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Spectrum Science Department Philosophy Statement

The purpose of science education at Spectrum High School is to help students develop critical thinking skills, deepen their understanding of scientific processes and procedures, and see the connections between different scientific disciplines and their daily lives.

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Service Learning

Spectrum Service Learning Program Philosophy

It is the mission of the Spectrum High School Service Learning program to empower and unify our communities through service, education, and action.

We believe that active service helps our students make connections to the lives of others and empowers them to take the lead in further service action that will benefit our community as a whole.

Service Learning Content Area Information

Social Studies

Spectrum Social Studies Department Philosophy Statement

The goal of social studies education is to prepare students to be responsible and productive citizens in a democratic society amid a globally interdependent world. Through an integrated study of social studies disciplines, students will acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes as they become lifelong learners. Social Studies provides content that students will use to understand political, social, and economic issues and apply their knowledge and skills to make effective personal and public decisions. A standards based social studies curriculum builds knowledge of specific discipline content, thinking skills, commitment to democratic values, and citizen participation, all essential to maintaining a democratic way of life.

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Technology Page

Spectrum Technology Program Philosophy Statement

Spectrum Technology courses teach transferable workplace skills in applied learning contexts to provide opportunities to explore high-demand career options, and gives students the technology and skills needed for success in adult life. 
From Minnesota Department of Education CTE

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World Language

Spectrum World Language Department Philosophy Statement

The study of world language helps students develop intellectual connections and pathways for current and future learning through: experiencing the rigorous process of second language acquisition, communication in the target language, and broadening global perspective.

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