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Greg Heinecke

On behalf of your Spectrum Middle School staff, "Welcome to the 2023-24 school year!"  We are extremely excited for another year of partnering to build lifelong memories, fostering relationships, and guiding students toward amazing learning opportunities.

Twice a month (the middle and end) I will share tips and trick, thoughts and details that pertain to Spectrum Middle School and any upcoming events. There is always the district site pages and teachers' Schoology pages for more information, as well as each quarter Spectrum High School publishes its district magazine, The Hive, which provides a more detailed account of past events. Look to subscribe to each of these forms of communication and monitor your email for timely Parent Portal Blasts.

Finally, my door, email, phone are always open. I welcome your ideas and feedback and invite you to stop by, call, or email. Your perspective matters, and dialogue helps us to understand and grow...even when we do not agree on the approach. Follow the disctrict Facebook page, the Twitter hashtag (#SpectrumSting), and Tweets that anyone can tag for the middle school (#spectrumMS). There will be articles of interest, photos of students in action, and anything elese that helps demonstrate that this school is special, a great place to learn and grow. When we work together, we create an unstoppable combination for student success. Here is to another awesome year at Spectrum!


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