Technology Integrated Environment @ Spectrum High School

Spectrum High School recognizes the importance of technical proficiency in the 21st century. Technology is woven into our society as never before. Possessing strong technical competency unlocks many opportunities for students in today’s global society.  

Spectrum High School technology courses are incorporated into the curriculum for all grade levels.  Starting in grade 6, all students take a fundamental technology course to learn safe and responsible online behavior, digital citizenship, and basic technical skills such as typing. Then, to develop critical thinking and problem solving, 6th graders are introduced to programming in a beginning-level coding class.  

In 7th and 8th grade, students continue to build on their technical skills with technology courses: Tech 7: Create & Innovate and Tech 8: Communicate & Collaborate.  Middle school students further their understanding of programming through beginning level game design.

In 9th grade, Spectrum students take the semester course: IT Operations & Careers. In this class, students are immersed in project-based learning which reinforce problem solving, collaboration, and critical thinking skills.

9th -12th grade students have the opportunity to take a variety of electives that are technology-focused including Robotics, Web Design, Mobile App Building, Digital Photography, Broadcast Journalism, and Game Design. Students can delve deeper into areas of technical interest and become adept at using industry standard programs.  Students completing these courses gain valuable skill sets.