Spectrum Sports to Live Stream

Spectrum Sports to Live Stream

Spectrum High School is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the NFHS Network and invested in new technology that will bring you every game from our high school gym LIVE.
You can join the NFHS Network for full access to:

  • Spectrum live and on-demand sports broadcasts held in the high school gym
  • Spectrum away contests that are also served by the NFHS Network
  • Other sporting events from around the nation

Here's how to watch:

1) Visit www.NFHSnetwork.com
2) Search for Spectrum High School
3) Subscribe.  The monthly subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.
Thank you for your support of Spectrum Sting athletics.  We look forward to bringing you broadcasts of our athletic events!

We will not be allowing other live streaming of events in our high school gym besides the NFHS system that has been installed.