Spectrum Daily 11-10-22


  • Students, please note the changes to the bell schedule that will occur at the end of the day (4th block) on Friday. In addition to the class schedule being a Modified 4 Period B Day schedule, 8th period will end at 12:56 pm tomorrow. This will be announced over the intercom at that time. Immediately following 8th period, you will report to your Sting Time Advisory at 1:00PM prior to heading to the gym for our annual Veterans Day program.  

  • The National Honor Society is partnering with Gifts Anonymous and their annual Toy Drive for the 2022 holiday season. All proceeds from this drive go to Gifts Anonymous and help members of the Elk River / Otsego community. All toys must be new and still packaged. Bring all your donations to the CCC, the Lunchroom or to Mr. Hyde. For more details, look at one of the posters scattered around the school. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Hyde or Natalie Fischer. Go get those toys, Spectrum!

  • Powderpuff is THIS FRIDAY! Because there was an overwhelming support for Powderpuff, we are able to play two seperate games. The first game will be Freshmen vs. Sophomores at 6pm. The second game will be Juniors vs. Seniors at 7pm. Prizes and a trophy will be given out at the awards ceremony after the 7pm game. All participating girls, and coaches, should be at the athletic complex by 5:30pm. A free hot chocolate and snack will be provided to any student that shows up to the game. Hope to see you all there.


  • Upcoming announcements will be posted here. 

  • At Spectrum Middle School, each day we say, Have a great day, knowing that you belong here, and with humble confidence and your best efforts, today will be a success. Go Sting!

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