May 15 - 26

To begin, a quick Congratulations to our eighth graders and their families: Thank you for collaborating with us and helping prepare your child for high school! This preparation is sometimes a bigger achievement than graduation itself. We are proud to have been a partner, and I know there are many wonderful learning opportunities ahead in their high school career.

I want to personally thank all families for being a part of this year and helping Spectrum Middle School (SMS) be a place where your child is successful. You have demonstrated patience, understanding, flexibility, and kindness when you have collaborated and supported your child and us. While there have been “stumbles” – some larger than others for some more than others – these are the foundational experiences that make one’s memories and one’s life.

Each year I have a theme for my teachers, and this one was that they are cartographers. I chose this theme because If we are going to make an impact on our learners’ lives, we have to help them chart their course, to provide them with the tools to be successful, to teach them how to use the tools, to be there when they stumble – creating opportunities in which they will stumble – and to encourage them to get up and keep moving forward on their life’s journey. It is who they become through our learning opportunities, their authentic selves, that make their middle school years a success. If your child gained more agency this year, it has been a success.

Please encourage your child to “unplug” as much as possible these summer months; to get outside as much as possible; to let her/his mind wander and drift; to read as many books as possible; and to run, swim, bike….be a kid. Help them make memories so upon their return, they are ready to take on a whole new year in August. We will be here with the doors open, offering a place to belong and to grow.

Thank you again for all that you do. We are not SMS without you; have a super summer! 



Our desire is for each of our students to remain for their entire middle and high school experience at Spectrum to fully benefit from the top-notch college preparatory education offered. We recognize that there are times when that is not possible. If attendance plans for your student have changed and they will not be returning to Spectrum for the 2023-2024 school year, please click this Spectrum Withdrawal Form Link to fill out and submit your student’s official withdrawal to our Registrar, Christy Siegel, at so that we can forward their records to their next school. If your child will not be returning to Spectrum, we sincerely wish them the best with their education.


Weeks at a Glance

  • Friday, May 19: National Junior Honor Society New Members Celebration
  • Friday, May 19: Spring Choral Concert
  • Tuesday, May 23: Yearbook distribution in Advisory (final one for the year)
  • Wednesday, May 24: Student Council Celebration - Picnic for 6th & 7th graders
  • Thursday, May 25: High School Graduation
  • Friday, May 26: Early Release Schedule in Celebration of 2022-23 (last day)