October 24 - November 4

Parent-Teacher conferences are tomorrow night (Tuesday, October 25). I know they are a bit early this year (because of the timing of Election Night), but I like the opportunity to chat no matter the time of the school year. Progressing monitoring and marking periods always cause me to pause as I am amazed how truly quickly time passes. I hope that you attend with your child.

We are returning to the arena-style we used before the pandemic. It is very important to us to have conversations in-person. I realize 5-7 minutes is not enough time to have a deep discussion, but I do believe it can be a meaningful one. I encourage you to review your child’s results in Schoology and Infinite Campus, and ask her or him about how she/he feels about the progress in each class: Do you feel you are learning? Are you making progress toward developing the skills needed beyond middle school? Then bring some questions to the teachers, especially if the responses given are not confidently stated. If the answers are yes, then the teacher questions can be about helping the quality and rigor increase and how to keep engagement at a high level. If the answers are no, the teacher questions can be about the types of support that we can offer and how you can partner with us to motivate your child to continue to grow.

In The Last Lecture (2008) by Randy Pausch, he describes an intense experience where his son Dylan was born needing neonatal intensive care. “At Magee, they did a wonderful job of simultaneously communicating two dissonant things. In so many words, they told parents that 1) Your child is special and we understand that his medical needs are unique, and 2) Don’t worry, we’ve had a million babies like yours come through here” (91-92). Fortunately at Spectrum Middle School, we do not have to have such situations, needs, or responses. However, I love that when conferences roll around, we can convey that your child is special to our community, and that we strive to understand and develop what makes her/him unique. We can say that we have had thousands of students go through our doors over the years, and that while we are ourselves stumbling, growing, and learning, we are a highly capable staff. Tuesday, October 25, and Thursday, November 3, are days that we can communicate this to you. We can collaborate with you to make a great human being. I hope you can have some wonderful conversations.


Weeks at a Glance

  • Monday, October 24: Dance Team Meeting (grades 7 - 12) 6:00 pm @ HS
  • Tuesday, October 25: Parent-Teacher Conferences - Arena Style @ middle school campuses
  • Friday, October 28: Student Council Fall Event - Open Gym (2:45-4:00 pm)
  • Friday, October 28 - Thurday, November 3: Annual Book Fair @ sixth grade campus
  • Thursday, November 3: Parent-Teacher Conferences - Arena Style @ middle school campuses