Nov. 1 - 12

One hundred and thirty-three middle-schoolers attended this year’s annual Fall Event, hosted by the Student Council. They played games in the gymnasium, ate snacks in the cafeteria, and got to hang out with their friends after school last Friday. All of this was IN-PERSON! It was wonderful to see and they said they “loved it!”

Also last week was the Annual Meeting with academic, financial, and facilities updates. It was fun to hear all the exciting news that has happened for Spectrum over the past year, which is especially great considering all positives that have come from very challenging times. During the updates I shared a comment that I had given a parent at the beginning of the year when asked if we are back to pre-pandemic ways. I told him that we are never going back. We are not trying to be who we once were but are instead trying to be better because of what happened. We are trying to grow and learn from those experiences. The parents that were in attendance -- thank you for coming! -- nodded in agreement. That feedback made me happy. I know we can still grow, but that affirmation was nice to see. We are better as a school because we communicate and collaborate.

This week (Thursday) and next week (Tuesday) are fall Parent-Teacher Conferences. Another opportunity to continue having conversations and working together to try and have the best possible educational experiences for our learners. Our learners see this partnership, that the adults in their lives want the very best for them; they see that there is trust between us and a shared accountability to do all that we can. This creates confidence and an energy that is felt on our campuses. We thank you for this relationship and look forward to discussing some specifics on supporting our learners at conferences.

Thank you to those that responded to the first survey question from the last blog. Check your email for the link if you still would like to provide some feedback about how we are meeting the middle school purpose. For the second survey, please let us know how we are doing with our partnership. These recent events are positive evidence that we are supporting our learners’ growth academically, socially, and emotionally. But what else can we do? What other thoughts do you have to keep us moving forward? Please take some time to reflect and share, and please know that we are grateful for the trust the 400 Spectrum middle-school families have in us every week in shaping the lives of our futures.


Weeks in Review

  • Friday, October 29: Mid Semester
  • Thursday, November 4: Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Tuesday, November 9: Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Thursday, November 11: Veterans Day Program (1:30 pm)