Oct. 18 - 29

We are all learners.

Many school districts have somewhere in their mission, vision, or belief statements this sentiment, including Spectrum. It cannot be more true than this year, still working in a pandemic. We learned so much in 2020, but now we are learning how that learning is shaping 2021. Additionally, in 2020 the district created its new Strategic Plan, and from this work -- thank you to those who provided your time and ideas -- a new vision and a new mission were written, along with a revision of our Belief Statements. Now in 2021-22, the middle school is focusing on three main areas from this learning: we are working to improve our learners’ progress and engagement while guaranteeing an environment that is a culture of caring. 

The middle school’s objectives now align with the Strategic Plan. Spectrum Middle School’s purpose is to foster relationships to develop well-rounded, optimistic, determined, and confident learners, able to apply their learning to our world. We will accomplish this through a learner-centered organization, one where, in the words of retired professor Dr. Cyril Kesten, everyone has developed an “acceptance of responsibilities for one’s own learning.” In other words, while the students are learning and practicing this responsibility, the adults are working on its implementation. This is how we are creating a caring culture, one that personalizes and supports each learner.

Over the next few months, this blog will continue to touch on this objective and specifically this year’s main areas. As a part of this learning community, I invite you to use your voice and share in the collaborative effort. I know your time is precious, so there will only be two questions each time. This first set is seeking feedback about our purpose. How are we doing? What additional action can we take as a system (either grade level or school)? Talk to your learner, encourage her/his speaking to the Student Advisory Crew to share thoughts as well. Let us all continue to learn and do it together.


Weeks in Review

  • Thursday, October 21, & Friday, October 22: No School - MEA Break
  • Monday, October 25: No School - Teacher Professional Development
  • Thursday, October 28: District Annual Meeting - HS College and Career Center
  • Friday, October 29: Mid Semester
  • Friday, October 29: MS Fall Event - After-School Open Gym Fun