Sept. 20-Oct. 1

Welcome back to our returning middle-school families, and a special welcome to anyone new, including the incoming class of 2028! I hope all of you find your time as a part of our learning community to be great! The middle school staff is intentional about these years being valuable to parents as well as students. Please communicate and collaborate with us!

The Principal Blog is one way we communicate and collaborate. It starts the year off in a positive way. After such a chaotic year in 2020-21, the hope is that it helps establish a routine. The pandemic made everything challenging last year, and middle school does not typically need anything added to it to be challenging; these years are already challenging enough. Last year everyone had to rethink how learning was going to take place, how learning could happen, how learning could be demonstrated. There were wifi connection issues, Chromebook and Google Meet or Zoom concerns, anxiety, stress, etc.; all of which made the year harder than ever. But we made it! While we might not be through it, we did grow a lot from the experience.

A new year now is here with plenty of challenges to take on, barriers to remove, and we are off to a wonderful start. Chaos could return, yet last year’s experiences can be built upon for our responses to it. Please know that we are most successful when we have conversations and work together. Whether it is motivation, anxiety, perfectionism, at-risk behaviors, learning differences, social media safety, academics, extracurriculars, learning, or grades, when we share the experience, success is the outcome.

Again, welcome to the 2021-22 school year. I know it is going to be great!


Weeks in Review

  • Monday, September 20 - Friday, September 24: Homecoming Week Dress-up Days
  • Wednesday, September 22: Student-athlete Eligibility Warning
  • Friday, September 24: Modified B day schedule for Homecoming Pepfest
  • Friday, September 24: High school Homecoming Football Game
  • Monday, September 27: No school for teacher professional development