May 10 - 21

"May the Fourth be with you!" I love it, and not because of Star Wars -- even though that is true! -- but because that is when our annual Sixth Grade Information/Tour Event happened this year.

Every year we want our current sixth graders to learn about the seventh/eighth grade campus: What’s different about it from the sixth grade campus? Who are the seventh grade teachers? What is expected of a seventh grader at Spectrum? These and many other questions are addressed as a part of this event.

This year the Student Advisory Crew (SAC) helped me design the event, including a first opportunity for next year’s WIN 7th grade Leaders to be in that role. From SAC’s feedback, the day was designed to ensure the sixth graders are set up for success in the fall. They learned all they needed to be prepared and confident.

The time started with half of an advisory getting to know fellow middle school students, a half of a sevnth grade advisory. Low risk team-building, mental-challenge activities began the time together and led to explanations from the seventh grade about a typical day and what is expected for the year. Students next watched a video of every seventh grade teacher and support staff so they would recognize faces and roles. Then they went on a tour of the building, seeing the main office, cafeteria, lockers, gymnasium, and classrooms so they would know locations. And finally, more collaboration as middle school students, this time with a physical-challenge of playing Capture the Cone.

It was an informative and fun morning, solidifying Spectrum Middle as a great place to learn!


Are you NOT returning to Spectrum this fall?

Our desire is for each of our students to remain for their entire middle and high school experience at Spectrum to fully benefit from the top notch college preparatory education offered. We recognize that there are times when that is not possible. If attendance plans for the 2021-2022 school year have changed and your child will not be returning to Spectrum, please submit a Withdrawal Form to our Registrar, Christy Siegel (, so we can forward records to the next school.


The Last Week of School at a Glance

  • Monday, May 24: Advisory @ 10:00 am
  • Tuesday, May 25: A day
  • Wednesday, May 26: B day
  • Thursday, May 27: Modified A day schedule - Early Release for HS Graduation
  • Friday, May 28: Modified B day schedule - Last day of school locker cleanout, Chromebook & school resources returned, and Yearbook/Final Celebrations