Mar. 8 - 19

Recent Blogs have discussed habits, thinking, and preparation, all good topics for what is happening this month. Here are some areas in which these topics are helpful:

  • Mondays - on Mondays students meet virtually with their advisor, checking in, asking questions, getting support, and occasionally having team-building activities. This is an important hour that really impacts students’ success. NOTE - sixth grade asynchronous students meet with all their teachers on Mondays as well. Students are encouraged to use this day to be sure there are no missing assignments and that they are prepared for the week ahead.
  • Mid Semester - Friday, March 19, is already the middle of our second semester. That means there are only 18 class periods left until the summer...and a couple of them are shortened because of our MCA schedule. The weather is going to be nicer and Daylight Saving is on the 14th, so days will be longer too. It is critical to use those created habits to be sure to stay on top of one’s priorities and maintain her/his excellence for the rest of the year.
  • MCAs - speaking of excellence, as mentioned in the last blog, the MCAs are happening this spring. Reading will be held on the 23rd and 24th this month. Students will take it in Advisory the first couple hours of the day with a modified A and B schedule for the rest of the day. It is important that sleep patterns are maintained, eating healthy foods for energy is utilized, and confidence is the tone that is held as a community of learners. At SMS, we approach them as an opportunity to show what we know and are proud of our students no matter the results.
  • Etcetera - other final areas of positive habits, thinking, and preparation lie in attendance and progress monitoring. While they do not seem to quite go together, they are connected. Students struggle in many ways if they do not attend school. We are proud to offer in-person learning for most of our students while distance learning for those that prefer that option. We have worked hard at setting up these modes for our students to be successful. Partnering with parents, there have been some stumbles, but overall it has been successful. We look forward to nothing but positives the rest of the way. These positives begin with attending school, and they connect with communicating progress. This, too, has had some stumbles, especially as we made some adjustments to our practices in order to support all that was happening this year. While growth has occured with these practices, more needs to be done so parents know what is happening in class and are able to support their child if and when s/he stumbles in a proactive approach. This work will continue into next fall.

Spring is officially here with brighter days ahead. As always, thank you for working with us.

Weeks at a Glance

  • Tuesday, March 9: Team Conferences (Invitation only)
  • Thursday, March 11: Strategic Planning Meeting #2
  • March 15 - March 19: Student Council March Celebration Dress-up Days
  • Monday, March 15: Final Virtual Information Night 2020-21
  • Tuesday, March 16: Locker Clean Out during Sting Time
  • Friday, March 19: Mid Semester
  • Monday, March 22: No School - Teacher Professional Development Day