Feb. 2 - Mar. 5

In such an Uncommon year (our district theme), upcoming in the next month are the common practices of conferences and MCAs. Every spring we gather in the gymnasium to connect teachers and parents (virtually this year), and we organize in our Advisories to do our reading, math, and science assessments. These two events are happening this year.

Both these events are based on the relationships that have been built throughout the year. They provide communication and evidence that inform our support and practices moving forward. From them, a common base of information is created that allows us to be specific in responsiveness through our student-centered approach. Conferences and MCAs have become tools that guide our effectiveness of our students’ achievement. 

Both of these events can cause anxiety in our students. They can become stressed or nervous. Sometimes there is a lot of pressure to live up to the high standards that are a part of our system. And while this may be true, we prepare: we have a lot of conversations with our students and empower them to lead their own learning. We communicate home regularly and post assignments in Schoology and Infinite Campus to support families knowing their child’s progress toward high achievement. We practice and discuss the MCAs, so students know what to expect and have confidence to do their best because their best is all that we need them to do.

As always, we are stronger and even more effective when we partner with you, our families. Your words of affirmation empower your son or daughter, and they are the final piece needed for these events.

The snow is melting, longer days are occurring, and preparations are underway. I am looking forward to March.   

Weeks at a Glance

  • Thursday, March 4: Parent, Teacher, Student Conferences
  • Tuesday, March 9: Team Conferences (Invitation only)