September Greeting

September 8, 2020


Spectrum Middle School Families,

On behalf of your Spectrum Middle School staff, Welcome to the 2020-21 school year!  We are extremely excited for another year of building lifelong memories, fostering relationships, and guiding students toward amazing learning opportunities, especially in the context of COVID.

We had a great first week for face-to-face and distance learners. Routines are being established and the familiarity of a school year is starting to happen. There are obviously many new developments this year, including some that we have created just for Spectrum Middle School (details coming in a week about this year’s grading practices), but they all just mean there is excitement in the air, and we are all so pleased to be back on our campuses.

For those of you who drop off or pick up your student: at the sixth-grade campus, please be sure to back in for greater visibility, and at the seventh/eighth-grade campus, please be sure to pull all the way up to the Event Entrance in the left lane so traffic can keep flowing in the right lane, always driving slowly and cautiously.

Finally, twice a month (the middle and end, starting in October) I will send out details of upcoming events specific to the middle school and any helpful hint that seems appropriate at the time. There is always the district site and the Spectrum magazines, providing detailed accounts of exciting events after they have occurred.

My door is always open. I welcome your ideas and feedback and invite you to stop by, call, or email. Follow the district Twitter hashtag (#SpectrumSting) as well as the middle school’s (#spectrumMS) for articles of interest and photos of students in action. When we work together, we create an unstoppable combination for student success:  here’s to another awesome year at Spectrum!


Greg Heinecke

Spectrum Middle School Principal