Spectrum Families,

Due to the continued uncertainty surrounding the ability to connect with community organizations and the nature of this school year's scheduling, Spectrum has made the decision to omit our service learning courses from the first semester schedule of the 2021-2022 school year. We will continue evaluate our circumstances in the upcoming months to determine whether or not it is possible to modify or resume our regular service learning program for the 2nd semester.

Community Outreach remains a pillar of our system at Spectrum. As we begin a unique new school year, be assured that service and community connection will be incorporated into our teaching and learning plan in such a way that ensures the health and well being of both our students and community members.


Spectrum Administration

Off Campus Community Service 

Community service is intended for students to offer off-campus service to those in need (outside of their family). While community service may include activities such as raking, shoveling, or mowing for a neighbor, students are encouraged to begin volunteering for a community organization, such as the ones they learn about in their Service Learning classes at school or are already involved in as part of their daily lives. This would be a great way to begin networking and preparing for their Senior Capstone.

Note: Community outreach does not include working for a fundraiser from which a student is earning money for an activity or sport in which they participate. Community service is not compensated with payment of any kind.

Expectations for Time/Hours

Completing community service hours (off-campus) helps students to begin nurturing a sense of empathy for others. It also helps them to develop the skills needed to be active citizens. In addition, working in partnership with a community organization through active service gives them a jump start on their Senior Capstone experience.

Reflection on the community service experience is included as part of the student’s  Service Learning class grade.

Independent Community Service hours expectation:

  1. Grade 6-8 students are encouraged to complete at least 3 hours of community outreach (off-campus) per quarter.

  2. Grade 9-10 students are encouraged to complete at least 5 hours of community outreach (off-campus) per quarter.

  3. Grade 11 students will be meeting their community outreach (off-campus) hours by implementing their Senior Capstone plan. (No additional hours or reflection are required.)

  4. Grade 12 students are encouraged to continue providing community outreach (off-campus) in conjunction with their Senior Capstone experience. (No additional community service hours or reflection are required.) 

  5. While students are encouraged to participate in community outreach (off-campus) on a regular basis, they can use summer community outreach hours  as part of their reflection in their 1st quarter Service Learning class.