Summer Camp Athletic Update - May 22, 2020

Summer Camp Athletic Update - May 22, 2020


Spectrum will be delaying the start date for all summer athletic camps and practices until at least June 15.  The change is necessary while we wait for final clearance to begin a phased in return to athletics and assure that we are fully ready to implement the first phase. 

A four phase model has been assembled by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC) that will lead to the full return of athletics and activities.  There is not a specified time period for each phase.  Schools and athletic associations must sequentially follow the four phases. 

The advancement from one phase to the next is subject to directives and timing issued from governing bodies.  The approval to begin PHASE I has not yet been issued, but could happen as early as June 1.  Regardless, Spectrum will not begin PHASE I until at least June 15. 

Included in PHASE I will be social distancing of six feet, no physical contact between team members, no shared use of equipment such as balls, the completion of COVID-19 screening, no use of locker rooms, sanitizing of equipment after each individual use, and no groups (pods) larger than 10 individuals practicing together.  These restrictions will make it easier for some sports to implement PHASE I than others.

During the next week, summer coaches and athletic administration will assess:

The effect of PHASE I on the ability to offer the camp or practice.

The steps needed for each camp or practice to implement PHASE I.

Possible schedule changes for the camps and practices.

Possible registration fee changes for camps.

We appreciate your patience while we adjust the summer camp and practice schedule.  We hope to be able to announce revisions before the end of next week.  We anticipate the announcement will be accompanied with a link to camp registrations. 


Rick Peterson

Athletic Director